GF-6 Raises the Bar. And Afton is Ready.

At Afton Chemical, we believe that superior engine performance isn’t achieved by simply complying with industry specs—it’s achieved by exceeding them. GF-6 is aiming for next-level engine performance—and Afton solutions are poised to get you there.

What are the GF-6 specification differences? 

Specifically, more severe demands in Sequence IIIH high temperature operation resulting in 13% increase in piston cleanliness (WPD) and 33% reduction in oil thickening (PVis). Whereas more demanding fuel economy targets in Sequence VIE resulted in 27%-30% increase in total fuel economy and fuel economy retention for current ILSAC grades. Check out the spider chart below to see how performance requirements have evolved between GF-4 and GF-6.

High-Performing Products

High performance standards call for high-performing products. Afton’s GF-6 technology platform will provide robust performance against the new specification with enhanced engine cleanliness and fuel economy for all engines combined with superior protection for TGDI designs in terms of low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) & chain wear control.

​Our products don’t simply meet the specifications. They deliver cascadable solutions using a holistic approach to both address GF-6 performance standards and enable superior performance overall. A single core package technology can cover all applicable industry viscosity grades, including 0W-16, and extensive base oil coverage.

Ready to accelerate your performance standards ahead of GF-6? Afton can deliver the customized technology you need today to meet the specifications of the future. See how Afton GF-6 technology goes above and beyond GF-6 baseline standards for leading-edge performance:

+ Competitive Treate Rate & Cost + Boost Option for dexos 
+ OEM Approvals + All ILSAC viscosity grades
+ Extensive base oil coverage + Afton OCP VM 35 & 50 SSI
+ Field Tested + High Mileage Differentiation


Introducing Afton's first intent, additive package for GF-6 Performance, When Finishing First Matters.


The Afton Difference

Our cutting-edge chemistry and flexible additive solutions improve lubrication for all engines with demonstrably superior protection. Let’s collaborate to see how our expertise can make your GF-6 goals a reality.