Motorcycle Oil

Because a motorcycle engine is much smaller than a car engine, everything within it needs to operate at faster speeds to produce the power that is needed. Operating at 15,000 rpm or more, and often at combustion temperatures around 1,000°C, the potential for wear is huge.  And the demands on the oil - already under severe pressure - is further compounded by the fact that motorcycles use the same oil to lubricate the engine, gearbox and clutch.  
With most motorcycle engines being air-cooled and with increased operating speeds and longer intervals between oil changes, the role of the additives used within today’s motorcycle oil has never been more critical to protect against wear, dissipate heat and manage friction. Learn about the role of additives in a motorcycle in the videos below:

Feature Video: Motorcycle Oil Additives at work in the Engine

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Motorcycle Oil Additives at work in the Gearbox [click to open video]

Why Afton?

At Afton, we don’t just give our customers a motorcycle oil (MCO) additive, we give them a total solution.

  • Market insight

    Afton is constantly monitoring industry trends and gathering market insight to continue updating our product portfolio to meet customer and end-user rider segment requirements. This helps ensure the right additive technology is used for each specific market.

  • Complying with specifications

    Afton’s strong additive portfolio is designed to meet key industry performance requirements and comply with specifications. The Japanese Automobile Standard Organization (JASO) has developed a global motorcycle lubricant standard, T903, which was updated in 2016 and measures an oil's ability to resist clutch friction and slippage and to prevent wear and pitting in the gear box. Afton are at the forefront of JASO testing and balancing API and JASO performance claims. This ensures that our customers meet all JASO requirements for their first submission, saving considerable time, money, and resources. 

  • Bespoke testing

    Specifications alone do not define the MCO landscape. So we conduct extensive field trials to prove performance in real-word conditions and use our Application Solutions Centre (ASC), which is our unique testing facility in Ashland, Virginia, USA. It features a motorcycle dynamometer, allowing us to develop bespoke test methods to tailor products or develop meaningful differentiation for our customer’s products. To learn more about Afton’s MCO capability and tests at our ASC, view our video below.

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