Enhanced protection, antiwear qualities & improved performance under nearly any conditions

Afton offers a total lubricant portfolio to meet specific needs, and improve lubricant performance.

Lubricant Components

In addition to providing fully developed additive packages, Afton Chemical is a leading supplier of lubricant components.

Whether you need enhanced protection, or improved performance in a wide range of application conditions, Afton has a total lubricant portfolio to meet your needs.

Afton works with you to ensure your lubricants have optimal chemical balances for increased protection, marketable claims and competitive product positioning, plus the full benefit of over 90 years of Afton research and expertise.

View all Lubricant Components Data Sheets

View all Lubricant Components Data Sheets


  • Most lubricant applications involve agitation, which traps air in the lubricant and encourages the formation of foam. When foaming becomes excessive, lubricating qualities are less effective, and the result is oxidation and possible cavitation over time.
    To combat this problem, Afton’s foam inhibitors alter the surface tension of the oil and help to weaken the structure of air bubbles.  The result is better lubricating qualities and reduced maintenance.