Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) Fluid Additives

Afton’s dual clutch transmission additive technology offers world-leading friction durability, unrivalled shear stability and superior wear performance.

Afton Chemical's dual clutch transmission (DCT) additive technology provides exceptional friction durability, shear stability and wear performance, and is used in the latest DCTs.
DCTs feature two wet (in-oil) multiplate clutches that allow two gears to be engaged on separate shafts at the same time. The clutches are activated electro-mechanically, engaging and disengaging in unison, routing power from one gear set to another without loss of drive. The result: smooth gear changes and improved fuel economy.
The challenge for a DCT transmission additive is to provide sophisticated frictional properties for the clutch, superior protection for the gear sets and state-of-the-art synchronizer performance across a wide range of synchronizer materials.

Why Afton? 

  • Afton's DCT technology was used in the first production of a DCT-equipped passenger car in 2003.
  • Afton technology is used in the fastest road car in the world.
  • Afton technology combines world-leading friction durability with unrivalled shear stability and superior wear performance.