Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Afton heavy-duty engine oil additives are designed to meet the region-specific needs of heavy-duty trucking, mining and construction equipment.

Afton Chemical's approach to developing additives for heavy-duty engines begins with our unique industry insight. We understand our customers’ operational challenges and the qualities they value in heavy-duty engine oils. This guides our development of cost-effective, efficient and versatile additives.

Armed with our extensive knowledge of how truck drivers, fleet operators, mining houses and construction companies operate, along with Afton’s unique Passion for Solutions® partnership approach, we work closely with our oil company partners to produce superior heavy-duty engine oils. Afton has developed products that provide exceptional performance and meet all key specifications needed to win in the market.

We have also gone beyond that by developing a suite of even higher performance products that extend engine life and reduce total cost of operation beyond that of just spec oils. So you can help customers reduce engine wear, resist oil thinning, improve fuel economy, maintain horsepower, and reduce sludge, deposit formation and filter plugging.

Our new line is up to the task of meeting all of your user’s operational and severity needs.  And Afton is able to customize delivery of the additive system to best meet the needs of your plant operation.

Why Afton? 

  • Afton works closely with engine manufacturers and industry bodies to stay informed about the latest industry knowledge, and to play a role in shaping future technology innovation. 
  • With Afton’s existing range of heavy-duty additives, including our viscosity modifiers, our customers are able to offer a range of heavy-duty engine oil products suitable for various global applications in emerging, growth and mature markets.
  • With Afton’s technical, marketing, supply and finance services, a growing number of oil companies are discovering that partnering with Afton leads to success in the heavy-duty engine oil category.