Oil & Gas Refinery & Distribution Fuel Additives

Afton’s refinery and distribution fuel additives help fuels meet specification requirements, and aid in the safe and economical transportation of fuel.

Afton Chemical's Refinery and Distribution fuel additives allow fuel refiners, pipeline and terminal operators, and cargo treaters to ensure their fuels meet local specification requirements in the most cost-effective and convenient way.

Our family of branded fuel additives includes additives for automotive gasoline and diesel, home heating oil, and jet fuel.

Our total ‘refinery-to-pump’ coverage includes fuel specification and distribution additives for octane and cetane improvement, fuel stability, and much more.

We offer customised products, such as our lubricity improvers for low sulfur fuels, which are formulated to ensure your additive does what you need, where you need it.

In addition to refinery fuel additives, our distribution additives provide corrosion protection and conductivity improvement, and allow you to safely and economically deliver millions of tonnes of on-specification fuels each year.