Home-Heating Oil Fuel Additives

Afton home-heating oil additives help improve home-heating system performance and protect against failures, while meeting challenging OEM requirements.

Home-heating systems are vital to everyday life. Our home-heating oil fuel additives are designed to protect heating systems from fuel-related failures, improve system cleanliness and improve efficiency.

Afton Chemical's technology has been adopted by leading global oil companies to support and promote premium heating oil brands. Our unparalleled industry knowledge and technology help our customers meet both challenging OEM requirements and fuel-quality regulations and standards.

We actively engage with multiple stakeholders to gather industry insight and ensure we understand this dynamic market. This includes:

  • Active involvement in industry bodies across Europe and North America 
  • Joint research programs with leading burner and boiler OEMs 
  • Unique performance demonstrations in cooperation with independent and innovative test houses

Our home-heating oil additives deliver proven performance in both conventional and modern burners. They are designed to improve performance throughout the entire heating oil distribution system, improving tank cleanliness, filterability, pump lubricity, and boiler efficiency, while maintaining clean injectors.