Global Operations

Afton Chemical Global Operations

Ashland Technical Center

Just 15 miles north of Afton HQ in Richmond, Virginia (USA) sits our Ashland Technical Center, where a team of engineers and technicians are producing leading-edge research and test results with state-of-the-art testing equipment.

Their research has led to advancements in fuel economy, engine cleanliness, deposit control and emissions reduction, to name a few.

The campus-like facility is equipped with an automotive shop that, among other activities, works to determine the clean-up levels of the detergent additives used in real world fleet tests. In the emissions lab, technicians are measuring gaseous and particulate emissions from vehicles operating on a chassis dynamometer.

Over at the cold vehicle soak chamber, they are testing a variety of capabilities while simulating extreme environmental conditions.

In another part of the center, engineers are preparing a vehicle to measure the performance benefits of Afton Chemical's fuel additive technology in a high performance vehicle. Afton’s high speed dynamometer can measure total-vehicle performance under high-speed and demanding load conditions, including measuring fuel additive benefits in power and acceleration.

The team at the Ashland Technical Center is one of the many vital groups within Afton whose collective expertise helps deliver high performance results and innovation for our customers.

World class manufacturing & production facilities 

Jurong Island Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility

The Asia Pacific region has been an important part of our business for many years, and Singapore has been our headquarters for this region since the 1980’s.  In 2008, we intensified our focus in the Asia Pacific region and in 2014, we invested S$380 million in Singapore to build a greenfield chemical additive manufacturing facility on Jurong Island. 

Our Singapore chemical additive manufacturing facility, located on Jurong Island, is one of our newest, most technologically advanced and strategically located manufacturing plants.  Opened in 2016, the team at the Jurong Island facility brings local support and manufacturing to our customers in Asia Pacific, improving security of supply and significantly reducing lead times with first intent products – all manufactured using cutting edge technology that ensures fast and reliable service.

The Singapore chemical additive manufacturing facility is the first manufacturing facility to integrate the three Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment, ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 into one Integrated Management System.  The products made at this site are the first to have full state of the art automated traceability from raw materials to finished goods. It occupies approximately 45,500sqm in land area and will produce key components used in engine oil additive packages such as zinc-based anti-wear, ashless dispersants and sulfonate detergent components.

Afton Chemical Asia have also significantly increased employment of Singaporeans in last five years.  The investment of the Afton Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility has created exciting career opportunities with a 123% workforce increase since 2016.  This is testament to our commitment in growing the business in Asia Pacific and our long term commitment to Singapore as a regional office and supply hub.

Our team of leading scientists, marketers and logistics specialists works with our customers in the region to develop solutions that deliver clear advantages and help our customers meet specific goals.  Once a solution has been designed, our team works quickly to bring to the solution to life.

With our state-of-the-art Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility in place, we are committed to becoming the preferred additive solution provider in Asia Pacific by offering tailored petroleum additive solutions to our customers, helping our customers gain a competitive edge and grow through our innovative formulation, security of supply, reduction of lead time, and improved logistics.

Growing in India

Over the past 10 years, Afton has significantly grown its presence in India.  We recognize the need to help our growing customer base improve the value they deliver to their customers.

The region has seen major investments in infrastructure and strong growth in the automotive sector.  The Indian additive market has grown at a pace faster than the finished fluid market. This high growth has led to a shift from lower tier fluids to more mainstream and value-focused top tier fluids that improve the operability of the rapidly growing auto and industrial segments.

Today, Afton’s local team based in Mumbai has more than doubled in size, bringing increased technical ability and logistical value. Through collaboration with customers ranging from global to regional and local fuel and lubricant brands, we have developed strong relationships with our customers by helping them succeed in the marketplace.

Our local teams are supported by a network of global logistics and in-country manufacturing and warehousing. By partnering with new and existing customers from our facilities in Mumbai and around the world, we are better able to help our customers develop marketable solutions, allowing them to meet their business objectives.