Off-Road Additives

Afton’s off-road additives improve performance and extend parts life to help get more from agriculture, construction, mining and forestry heavy machinery.

Afton Chemical's off-road additives for heavy machinery include universal additives for the agricultural segment, and high-performance additives for the construction, mining and forestry segments.  

Our off-road additives are formulated to meet specific customer needs for particular quality levels, reliability, marketing performance claims and cost efficiency. Our products help those in the agriculture, construction, mining and forestry industries get more from their heavy machinery by improving performance and extending parts life.

Whether it’s STOU, UTTO, TO-4 or limited slip, we have an exciting mix of established market-leading products and new leading edge technology.

Why Afton? 

  • We offer customers a full range of off-road additives for STOU, UTTO and TO-4 applications
  • You can count on market-leading STOU technology, recognized by oil companies and OEMs alike
  • Our Caterpillar® TO-4 grade offers market-leading friction control 
  • Our technology is backed by many years of trouble-free performance in the field
  • We have developed exciting new technology based on our unrivalled expertise in friction control 
  • Our off-road additive formulations deliver competitive treat rates with strong performance for low- to high-tier applications

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