eMobility Fuel Solutions

eFuels and enhancements for hybrids

Fuel additives have a role to play in carbon emissions reduction.

Hybrid vehicles are an important technology for OEMs seeking to reduce their carbon emissions. Hybridisation does not directly change the key components of the combustion engine.  However, it does change the way the engine is used and hence the operating conditions. Lower average operating temperatures, higher water content and steady-state running can each reduce the efficiency of combustion. Fuels additives can help combat the problems that arise from these new conditions.

eFuels are synthetic fuels created using CO2 from the air. This means that when burnt, the carbon balance for that fuel is zero. eFuels offer an alternative path for decarbonisation and will fit well with certain applications. Additives may be required to ensure optimum performance from eFuels. 

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