Afton Industrial hydraulic oil additives are designed to meet the high performance demands and stringent environmental requirements of modern hydraulic pumps.

As hydraulic pumps continue to get smaller and the power output from them increases, meeting the performance demands on hydraulic oils and additives becomes increasingly challenging.  

The most common anti-wear compound in hydraulic oils is zinc but there has been a shift to zinc-free anti-wear technologies for certain applications and regions, often driven by performance demands and environmental factors.

Afton Chemical's R&D program is focused on developing high-performance, environmentally friendly hydraulic oil additives. 


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Why Afton?

  • Afton was the first in the market to achieve Parker (Denison Hydraulics) HF-0 approval with an ashless additive 
  • We’re a market leader with a range of zinc-free products, which are exceptionally efficient in wet conditions.
  • We are able to provide extensive OEM approvals, with performance reserves that go beyond OEM requirements
  • Our additives and PMA Viscosity Index Improvers play a major role in reducing energy consumption and extending the life of industrial machinery.
  • In our research labs, we operate a range of critical hydraulic test rigs from a number of global pump and motor OEMs that are essential to achieving OEM approvals and demonstrating the robust performance of our additives in our customers’ hydraulic fluids.