Dispersants & Emulsifiers

Afton dispersants help prevent deposit build-up on critical metal surfaces. Afton emulsifiers help facilitate a thorough and stable mixture of oil and water.

Dispersants are lubricant additives that help prevent sludge, varnish and other deposits from forming on critical surfaces. They are primarily used in gasoline engine and heavy-duty diesel engine oils, which account for 75 to 80 percent of their total use.

Dispersants are also used in natural gas engine oils, aviation piston engine oils, automatic transmission fluids and some gear lubricants.

Emulsifiers enable two immiscible fluids to form a mixture called an emulsion. They reduce the surface tension of water to facilitate thorough mixing. Oil-in-water emulsions are often used as lubricants because they facilitate operational efficiency and can have fire-resistant properties.

Emulsifiers are primarily used in metalworking, rock-drill and hydraulic applications. They make emulsions stable over long periods, offer good lubricating properties, are formulated to be compatible with system materials, and are easy to demulsify for disposal.