Afton Chemical GF-6 Solutions Designed to Meet the Challenges of China Emissions Regulations

Driven by increasingly stringent emissions legislation and efficiency, automakers have to implement significant change in terms of engine design, operation and control. These designs place additional stress on lubricants, and the GF-6 specification to be introduced in May 2020 is designed to address these, particularly with new tests to evaluate pre-ignition and timing chain wear performance. Designed to meet the challenges of the latest China VI emissions regulations, Afton’s new GF-6 technology is developed with industry-leading deposit control, fuel economy and low-speed pre-ignition protection.

HiTEC® 11458 advanced chemistry and innovative solutions take your engines above and beyond the new standard of performance.

As with all new API and ILSAC categories, products must also meet the requirements of existing vehicles, it is expected that API SP / GF-6 oils will show improved performance versus current market API SN / SN Plus GF-5— increasing engine protection in terms of wear, deposit control, oxidation and corrosion.

HiTEC® 11458 Passenger Car Engine Oil Additive package is based on API SP / GF-6 platform, designed to meet the current targets for new engine designs, robust enough to provide reliable pre-ignition and wear protection as automakers push the operational boundaries of new engine technology in the future. 

Afton has a detailed understanding of pre-ignition and Afton’s technology can provide optimum ‘zero event’ capability when tested.

Afton Chemical’s Advanced GF-6 Chemistry Offers Versatility and Flexibility

HiTEC® 11458 is extremely versatile. It enables performance in both old and new vehicle designs. HiTEC® 11458 unique additive package meets the ILSAC performance needs of OEMs in all viscosity grades through a single technology package.  It provides enhanced wear, oxidation and cleanliness performance compared to previous API SN / SN Plus / GF-5 platforms, and beyond the minimum performance demands of the API SP / GF-6 specification. 

Superior performance has been demonstrated in both a wide range of viscosity grades, such as SAE 0W-16, Group I, II, III and rerefined base oils.

The optimized formulation with viscosity modifier HiTEC® 5748 (25 SSI OCP) covers the full breadth of viscosity grades in a single package thereby offering product simplicity and logistical savings.

HiTEC® 11458 Delivers More Than Superior Performance

Apart from delivering superior product performance, Afton offers leading-edge technical support and compelling proof of performance tests data to turn your marketing claims into reality. 

The Afton Difference

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