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Afton's Industrial Gear Oil Solutions meet evolving Industrial demands 

In the era where the industrial gear market is evolving in complexity, Afton remains at the forefront with industrial gear solutions developed to meet these ever-changing needs. Most importantly, to ensure enhanced equipment productivity, your next-generation industrial gear oil will need to deliver outstanding performance in: 

Introducing the Future of Industrial Gear Oil (IGO)

Afton's HiTEC® 30303 IGO is designed to redefine expectations. Endorsed by three leading OEMs, Flender, SEW Eurodrive, and ZF Industrial, HiTEC® 30303 brings performance beyond specification needs. With superior seal compatibility, unmatched wear protection, gearbox efficiency, and unrivaled thermal stability, HiTEC® 30303 provides reassurance for both end users and oil companies. 

HiTEC® 30303
Excellent gear oil additive designed for wide range applications with excellent performance synthetic formulation, providing exceptional anti-wear protection against high speed and load wear.  

Product Benefits

  • Superior wear performance, enabling longer oil life and prolonging gearbox life
    • Result: Minimizing costly equipment breakdown 
  • Excellent material compatibility for both seals and paints, minimizing fluid leakage and paint blistering    
    • Result: Reducing fluid cost
  • Unrivaled thermal stability, with minimal sludge formation, enabling longer oil drain periods
    • Result: Minimizing maintenance costs and extending equipment life
  • Improved gearbox efficiency    
    • Result: Reducing operation costs for end users 
  • Broad viscosity grade and OEM credentials
    • Result: Brings increased revenue and lower inventory costs for oil companies 

To find out how HiTEC® 30303 can be used to develop the next-generation gear oil, contact your Afton sales representatives or fill out the form on the left to get more information.


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