Down to the wire: Supporting e-motor reliability and efficiency through predictive testing for ETF compatibility with magnet wire

In the pursuit of e-motor efficiency, OEMs are striving to increase power output while reducing size. A key factor influencing e-motor size is the magnet wire used in stator windings. The compatibility of Electrified Transmission Fluid (ETF) with the magnet wire and other materials it contacts is crucial. Despite no current issues, future compatibility cannot be assumed due to increasingly harsh e-motor operating conditions and a widening range of insulating materials.

Afton Chemical has developed a robust in-house screening test for ETF and magnet wire compatibility. This test incorporates ETF field performance data from multiple HEVs and EVs. This predictive screening test can significantly improve the speed and success of ETF development, considering the growing range of magnet wires and fluid additive components in use. Ensuring fluid compatibility is vital for e-motor cost, reliability, and longevity.

For more details, please refer to the full article below.

This article featured in the March edition of Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Magazine.

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