GF-6 is here. First licensing begins May 2020.

Cutting-edge technology for modern engines 

GF-6 licensing will begin 1st May 2020--so now’s the time to secure additive solutions tailored to the new specifications. 

GF-6 is designed for all engines, offering improved fuel economy with enhanced oxidation and deposit control versus the previous GF-5 specification. In addition, GF-6 is specifically designed for the more severe demands of the latest GDI engines, including protection against low speed pre-ignition, improved prevention of valve train and timing chain wear.


Afton’s GF-6 solutions pass the test 

The right additives are essential to delivering these benefits. And effective testing is essential to delivering the right additives. Afton has been diligently leveraging our in-house and external lab testing capabilities to prepare for the new GF-6 specifications. GF-6 comes with seven new engine tests, and each test has its own specific additive needs.
 Sequence IIIH  Oxidation and Deposit Control  
 Sequence IVB  Valvetrain Wear
 Sequence VH  Sludge and Deposit Control
 Sequence VIE     Fuel Economy
 Sequence VIF   Fuel Economy (SAE 0W-16 oils) 
 Sequence IX  Low Speed Pre-Ignition
 Sequence X  Timing Chain Wear

The new GF-6 specification is designed to help equipment manufacturers meet the increasingly stringent legislative demands imposed on newer designs and continue to provide optimum durability for current in-warranty engines, performance above-and-beyond the current GF-5 standard. Using our in-house testing capabilities and formulation experience to understand the balance of these specific demands means that Afton is uniquely positioned to not only deliver products meeting the GF-6 standard, but also to tailor products to specific needs of individual customers for superior performance products.

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The Afton Difference

Our cutting-edge chemistry and flexible additive solutions improve lubrication for all engines with demonstrably superior protection. Let’s collaborate to see how our expertise can make your GF-6 goals a reality.