Afton Lubrication Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony Held at Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics

Qingdao, March 8, 2024 - At the prestigious Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics (LICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences in Qingdao, Afton Chemical, a globally recognized leader in petroleum additive solutions, proudly conducted the Afton Lubrication Technology Scholarship Award Ceremony. This event marked a milestone in Afton’s commitment to fostering young talent and advancing research in lubrication technologies. The ceremony saw the awarding of the Afton Lubrication Technolog y Scholarship to five distinguished students, acknowledging their groundbreaking research contributions. The recipients, chosen for their innovative approaches and solutions in lubrication technology, represent the bright future of this critical industry.

Michael Liang, Asia Pacific Technical Director of Afton Chemical, Ian Bell, Senior R&D Director and Kristi Engelman, Senior R&D Manager, together with Dr. Wang Xiao Bo, Director of LICP Qingdao Center, and Ms. Zhang Hui Ling, Manager of Training & Development of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, led the ceremony. The event was enriched with an exchange of technological updates and insights into the development of tribology and next-generation lubrication solutions. The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the award-winning research papers, which underscored the depth of exploration and potential impact on the industry. The five scholarship winners are Ding Peng, Du Chang He, Miao Xiao Nan, Wang Xiao Yu, and Xie Ao.

Ms. Zhang offered insights into the institute’s continued growth and the evolving discipline of lubricating materials. She expressly thanked Afton for its invaluable support in nurturing young talent within the institution, a sentiment echoed by all in attendance. Afton’s partnership with the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics reflects its broader vision to propel the lubricants and additives industry forward through innovation and education. This collaboration illustrates Afton’s dedication not only to the advancement of technology but also to the cultivation of the next generation of industry leaders.

Afton Chemical has been a leading force in the petroleum additives industry for a century, focusing on the research and development of cutting-edge lubricants and fuel additives. With its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore and technology center in Suzhou, China, Afton is strategically positioned to drive innovation and support the growth of the lubrication technologies discipline regionally and globally. The Afton Lubrication Technology Scholarship, an important public welfare initiative by Afton, underscores the company’s commitment to the continuous development of the industry and the cultivation of innovative talents who will shape its future. 

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