Unlocking Performance: Inside the ILSAC GF-7 Specification

The ILSAC GF-7 specification, approved following an industry ballot on March 22, 2024, is set to take effect on March 31, 2025. It serves as an upgrade and replacement for ILSAC GF-6A and GF-6B. GF-7A covers viscosity grades 0W-20, 5W-20, 0W-30, 5W-30, and 10W-30, while GF-7B pertains to 0W-16.

Compared to GF-6, GF-7 introduces several vital changes in engine test requirements, making GF-7 a more robust specification:
  • Aged Oil LSPI Prevention Test: A new test to mitigate low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) throughout the drain interval, increasing protection against potentially catastrophic engine failures.
  • Enhanced Sequence VIE Fuel Economy: Further improvement of fuel efficiency.
  • Tighter Sequence IIIH Piston Cleanliness (GF-7A only): Significantly more demanding piston cleanliness in response to field concerns expressed by OEMs seeking to maintain optimum engine operation throughout the oil drain.
  • Reduced Sequence X Chain Wear: Further mitigation of timing chain wear, ensuring sustained efficient operation of the engine.
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While we near the official licensing date, it’s important to note the journey to GF-7 that began in late 2022…

Why GF-7 in 2025?

Bringing GF-7 forward to 2025 aligns with the proposed changes in CAFE targets that increase significantly each year. The GF-7 specification will provide improved fuel economy oils to aid OEMs in addressing these demanding targets. In addition, the EPA testing protocol for vehicle certification changes for model year 2027, increasing the thermal stress on the lubricant, and the changes in piston cleanliness performance are designed to improve the robustness of oils for this testing to ensure more consistent results.

Afton’s Support for GF-7

GF-7 aligns with our vision of making the world a better place by providing technology solutions globally that make vehicles more efficient, machines last longer, and reduce emissions. We understand that consistent oil quality is crucial. Our field data shows a wide range of performance under the GF-6 license, and consumers would benefit from a more consistent level of performance to prevent the potential for engine failure.

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