Introducing HiTEC® 2597 Circulating Oil Additive

HiTEC® 2597 Circulating Oil Additive, also known as a rust and oxidation (R&O) inhibitor package, offers superior value to our customers. It provides a cost-effective approach to blend circulating oils for use across a range of industrial applications, including certain gear, hydraulic, and bearing applications that don’t call for antiwear (AW) or extreme pressure (EP) protection. 

One of the most notable attributes of HiTEC® 2597 is its keen ability to separate from water. This makes it ideally suited for applications that experience severe water contamination such as steel rolling mills. In fact, Primetals Technologies, a leading manufacturer of load carrying bearings for rolling mills, has established a fluid specification for these applications, called Advanced Lube Specification Revision 2.5a, also known as the MORGOIL® Super Demulsibility specification. This demulsibility performance allows the end-user to optimize the oil system to use only one oil reservoir instead of two reservoirs that might be needed to separate water from poorer fluids. This demulsibility performance helps extend fluid life. 

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MORGOIL® is a registered trademark of Primetals Technologies USA, LLC
HiTEC® is a registered trademark of Afton Chemical Corporation

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