HiTEC® 33200 VII Shear Stable Gear Lubricant Polymer

Gain superior shear stability with HiTEC® 33200

Engine technology advances have been the greatest driver of change when it comes to lubricants. With lower speeds and higher torques, lubricants need to work harder to protect against wear and maintain efficiency.
This is especially true when it comes to axles. More stress, less lubricant, reduced air circulation and higher temperatures can lead to compromised lubricant film strength. Because viscosity characteristics change under fluctuating temperature and operating conditions, maintaining stability and resistance to shear is vital. 

Introducing HiTEC® 33200, Afton Chemical’s latest Shear Stable Gear Lubricant Polymer

This breakthrough solution is designed to assist the formulation of a wide variety of driveline lubricants and achieve the ideal balance between gear oil handling characteristics and cost. HiTEC® 33200 is designed to:
  • Maintain the viscosity requirements of high-performance gear oils
  • Provide an effective alternative to poly-isobutylene-based thickeners
  • Offer a lower-cost alternative to high-viscosity PAOs
  • Meet low-temperature viscosity needs
  • Provide an ideal solution for heavy-duty axle and transmission applications calling for SAE 75W-90 and SAE 50 lubricants
  • Provide an ideal solution for light-duty truck and SUV applications calling for SAE 75W-85 or SAE 75W-90 lubricants
To download the PDS and learn more about HiTEC® 33200 VII Shear Stable Gear Lubricant Polymer, or for a tailored formulation recommendation, contact an Afton Customer Representative today.

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