Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oils

Due to emissions concerns, motorcycle engine technology is evolving from two stroke (2T) to four stroke (4T) engines. The Japanese Automobile Standard Organization (JASO) has developed a standard for the 4T Motorcycle Engine Oil, the JASO T903, with specific tests for these types of engines. Afton’s strong additive portfolio is designed to meet key industry performance requirements and comply with JASO specifications. 

4T Motorcycle engine oils are different from passenger car engine oils, and must deliver key functions that aren’t needed in passenger cars. Motorcycle engines run at much higher temperatures and higher RPM, so the lubricant must resist oxidation and cool the transmission while also providing higher friction characteristics to minimize clutch slipping. Motorcycle engine oils should protect the gears of the transmission against wear (pitting) with excellent shear stability.   

Afton is currently testing for the newly launched JASO 2016 specifications, and can work with customers to provide solutions for this demanding market.

Why Afton?

  • Selecting the right JASO specification and the right viscosity for your market can be difficult. We can help our customers through every step of obtaining their JASO approvals. The process can be complex, and one missed step can delay the process significantly. Representatives from Afton can ensure that customers meet all JASO requirements for their first submission, saving our customers considerable time, money, and resources. 
  • Afton is constantly monitoring industry trends and specification developments to continue updating our product portfolio. 
  • Our state-of-the-art testing facility in Ashland, Virginia features a motorcycle dynamometer, allowing us to tailor products or develop meaningful differentiation for our customer’s products.

For more details about Afton’s motorcycle product portfolio, please contact an Afton representative. 

Four Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oils 製品