Expanded manufacturing capabilities for Asia's growing market

At Afton, we know that supply security plays a critical role in meeting customer growth ambitions in Asia. That is why we have invested in constructing the Afton Chemical Manufacturing Facility on Jurong Island, Singapore.

Afton specifically selected this site as it is already a well-established chemical park with a robust infrastructure and is an excellent distribution hub for the region.

Operated by a hand-picked team of experts, this facility produces a key ingredient used in Afton’s engine oil additives. The Afton Chemical Singapore Manufacturing facility is the cornerstone of our commitment to customized solutions that are “Made For” and “Made In” Asia, and from its strategic location at the heart of Asia, it greatly expands Afton’s ability to meet customer needs in the most dynamic region of the world.

To find out more about Afton’s Singapore operations, visit our Singapore FAQ page