Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility - General FAQs

Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility - General FAQs

The following questions and answers provide details about Afton’s new Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility.


1. What products will the new facility deliver and to what markets?

The new Plant on Jurong Island will produce components that are key ingredients used in Afton Chemical Corporation’s engine oil additives.

2. What benefits will customers see once the facility is operational?

Overall, this facility will help us improve business continuity and service levels to our customers in Asia. The manufacturing facility will further expand and strengthen our global supply network ensuring we are able to meet our customer’s growth ambitions and delivering peace of mind. As part of a regionally integrated supply network of manufacture, blending, bulk storage and drum warehousing our continuous goal is offer the supply chain solutions and service level’s our customer value and can rely on.


1. How many staff will the facility employ?

 There are currently 48 new Afton Chemical Asia Pte. Ltd employees who will operate the plant.

2. Will Afton Chemical Asia Pte. Ltd be hiring locally to staff the facility?

Yes. Our manpower needs are fulfilled on the basis of the skillset required for the position and on the availability of relevant talent in the local market.

3. What plans are there to further grow the manufacturing facility if successful?

The facility has been designed in such a way that there is the option to further expand it and add capacity as and when operations grow. However, this may or may not lead to additional employees.


1. Why did Afton Chemical Corporation choose to invest in Singapore and open a plant on Jurong Island specifically?

The plant will be located on Jurong Island, Singapore. Afton Chemical Corporation specifically selected this site as it is already a well-established chemical park with a robust infrastructure and is an excellent distribution hub for the region. The plant is accessible via road for drum and bulk raw material deliveries, and our third party partner –Oil Tanking – is able to receive raw materials by ship. The location also allows us to support our existing production at CSSL (Chemical Specialties Singapore Ltd). Afton Chemical Corporation’s initial investment for production on Jurong Island was done at the facility operated by CSSL to support the growing needs of our customers in the region.

2. What other locations were under consideration for this facility outside of Singapore?

Singapore is well known for its stable government and high standards of health and safety. These were very attractive reasons that gave us the assurance that Singapore was the right place for us to build this new plant.

3. What kind of Government assistance or incentives (if any) did Afton Chemical Corporation receive as part of the development of the facility?

Singapore’s ideal geographical location as a hub to service the Asia Pacific and Middle East region, as well as its stable and secure environment were the key incentives for Afton Chemical Corporation to look to Singapore as the best location for the new facility.

4. What will the environmental impact on Singapore be of this operational plant?

Any project undertaken by Afton Chemical Corporation will strictly follow our own Health & Safety regulations and our Responsible Care policy. Afton Chemical Corporation works hard to make continuous progress toward our vision of “no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment,” and publicly reports our global health, safety and environmental performance. We believe strongly in ethical leadership that will increasingly benefit society, the economy and the environment.


1. As an American company, why did Afton Chemical Corporation decide to build a plant in Asia?

Afton Chemical Corporation has ambitious growth intentions regionally and globally; an additional plant will provide the necessary capacity to produce the components needed to meet these growth ambitions. Asia is recognised as the fastest growing economy worldwide. We have been investing in our Supply, Technical, Sales and Marketing capabilities in the region for many years – this investment further demonstrates our commitment to serving the region and the Middle East.

2. How does the plant opening fit into the wider strategy the company has in this region?

Asia features heavily in Afton Chemical Corporation’s growth plans. By opening this plant, Afton Chemical Corporation’s manufacturing footprint will be expanded to further grow our business in the region.

3. How do you see the opening of this plant affecting your competitors in Asia?

The opening of the plant signals Afton Chemical Corporation’s intent and on-going commitment to provide our customers with the supply solutions they need to meet their growth aspirations in Asia.

4. How will this plant operate with the China Technology Centre (Suzhou) that was opened in 2011?

They work together to deliver our “Made for Asia” and “Made in Asia” vision for the region. Our “Made for Asia” strategy ensures we have the right products and services that are developed on the basis of regional insights. Our “Made in Asia” strategy ensures we have the right supply footprint to meet our customer’s needs.

For further information please contact:

AP: Vanessa Montgomerie on +65 6739 6327 or [email protected]
EMEAI: Kate Edrupt on +44 1344 356823 or [email protected]
NA: Lauren Packard on +1 804 788 6081 or [email protected]