PC-11 Background

Not all heavy-duty applications are equal

PC-11 represents a significant and exciting change to the Heavy Duty Engine Oil market. The PC-11 category change becomes licensable December 1, 2016, and introduces two separate and distinct specifications—one of which launches lighter viscosity oils which have never before been used in the industry. These new oils will deliver oxidation, fuel economy, and durability benefits compared to preceding specifications.
Afton has developed products that provide exceptional performance and meet all key specifications needed to win in the market. Since engines are running hotter, oils with better oxidation resistance are needed to help maintain, if not improve, the oil drain intervals users have come to enjoy. Hotter oil equates to thinner oil, so additive packages must be designed with added wear protection to offset the less adequate oil film contribution from the base oil.

The introduction of PC-11 further adds to the need for improved wear performance. Afton is even developing a suite of even higher performance products that extend engine life and reduce total cost of operation beyond that of just spec oils. 

pc11.png   PC112.png   
Images from Afton's Ashland research facility, where engines are undergoing testing with PC-11 chemistry.

Afton has a new way of thinking about PC-11

All of these changes create excellent opportunity for oil marketers to educate consumers and explain how the many features and benefits of your new products help them better meet their operational goals—and Afton is here to help you do that!

With the right additive package, you can help customers reduce engine wear, resist oil thinning, improve fuel economy, maintain horsepower, and reduce sludge, deposit formation and filter plugging. Our new line is up to the task of meeting all of your user’s operational and severity needs. And Afton is able to customize delivery of the additive system to best meet the needs of your plant operation.

To learn more about Afton's unique PC-11 offerings, contact an Afton representative.  

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