ACEA 2022 Sequences Released for HDEO

On 1 May, ACEA (Association des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobiles, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) released its 2022 Sequences for Heavy Duty Engine Oils (HDEO), replacing the 2016 version.
ACEA represents the interests of 16 of the most influential European motor vehicle manufacturers and defines the minimum quality of engine oils through its ACEA European Oil Sequences for Service Fill Oils. There are three sets of sequences, including one for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines (E sequences), which looks to evaluate a finished lubricant's performance in key European engine tests and some North American engines.
Updates as part of the 2022 Heavy Duty sequences include:

  • ACEA E6 and E9 sequences are now obsolete, being replaced by new ACEA E8 and E11 sequences
  • ACEA E4 and E7 sequences remain in place but are being updated with new piston deposit tests, replacing the OM501LA engine test

For a more detailed look at these new sequences, implementation timelines, and what it means for the heavy-duty engine oil market, listen to our presentation below.

We are proud that Afton’s Heavy-Duty Engine Oil range is ready for ACEA 2022. Please contact your Afton Chemical representative to discuss our portfolio or fill in our website contact form for more information.