Results from Afton's rigorous testing sheds more light on LSPI

What Causes Low-Speed Pre-Ignition?

Afton's studies have confirmed that two mechanisms can lead to LSPI:

Oil or fuel droplets ejected from the piston crevice                 Combustion chamber deposits
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Afton recently published a study focusing on the deposit-induced pre-ignition process. We set out to simulate all the processes involved in deposit-induced pre-ignition to gain deeper insight into the impact of different particle characteristics. We developed our simulation based on established parameters for the following processes:

Paricle heat transer                                Solid-phse oxidation kinetic
Particle mass transfer                            Gas-phase auto-ignition kinetics
Bulk fuel-air mixture conditions             Deposit physical and thermal properties
Click here to download the infographic and see how five different deposit characteristics and engine conditions have a significant impact on LSPI.