Afton Receives GM dexos™ 1 Gen 3 Approvals

HiTEC® 11183 Passenger Car Engine Oil Additive is a new, upgraded additive technology to meet the combined performance requirements of both the ILSAC GF-6 specification and the new GM dexos™1 Gen 3 approval.

Afton received an additional approval from General Motors for HiTEC® 11181 Passenger Car Engine Oil Additive. HiTEC® 11181 is the first Mid ASH dexos™1 Gen 3 technology, tailored for the specific needs of GM in China. It fulfills the China 6 requirements and reserves performance for the future China 7.

Be Qualified:   In a range of approved formulations.

Be Covered:  With robust performance in wear protection. Enhanced control of pre-ignition for optimum protection. Exceeds the fuel economy requirements of both  ILSAC GF-6 and GM dexos™1 Gen 3.

Be Approved:  With a dexos™1 Gen 3 approval from GM.
To ensure superior protection for all GM engines, performance without compromise, Be 3 with Afton Chemical.

For more details of the range of approved formulations, please contact your Afton Chemical representative.