Afton Chemical Presents dexos™1 Gen 3

Performance without compromise

Modern engines require an increasingly sophisticated lubricant. The latest designs, engineered to be more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly increase the stress on the oil in terms of wear protection and cleanliness and present new performance demands such as aeration and pre-ignition protection that push formulators to develop new technology solutions.

The new GM dexos™1 specification sets the performance standard for modern engines and is the industry benchmark for premium quality oils for all engines. The new standard will be official from 1st September 2021 and requires formal qualification testing, reviewed and approved by GM, to define acceptable quality and performance. Marketers wishing to introduce a product that meets the new standard must also follow GM licensing rules and requirements to use the official GM dexos™1 logo on their products.
In designing the new dexos™1 specification, GM engineers identified that they needed to maintain and enhance performance in several areas to maintain engine reliability and reduce warranty concerns. New tests have been developed for the specification to challenge the performance of the oil in three specific areas: wear (GM MTM), pre-ignition protection (GM SPI3), and fuel economy (GM OEE). GM have set the standard in these new tests to ensure significantly higher performance than previous versions of the dexos™1 specification. They want to ensure that performance is enhanced or maintained when it comes to oxidation performance, piston cleanliness, sludge prevention, aeration control, bearing corrosion, and turbocharger protection. Whether it's improved or consistent performance, GM mandates further validation testing to ensure the uniformity of the final formulation performance. The result is a new premium quality standard that demands the latest in lubricant technology and performance.


Understanding these new demands and the potential contradictory impact on other performance needs is the lubricant formulator's role. Understanding the evolutionary path that engineers have followed to enhance the internal combustion engine's efficiency in modern designs provides the key insight for formulators to design the optimum lubricant for those engines, performance without compromise. The latest Afton technology for GM dexos™1 delivers a superior product to formulate engine oils that keep GM cars and trucks operating in top conditions, providing a genuine benefit to consumers and offers that optimum solution.

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