Struggling with Lithium? Reformulate with Confidence!

Since 2018, the cost of lithium has more than doubled due to its re-appropriation to electric vehicle batteries. Furthermore, lithium demand is expected to outpace supply for the foreseeable future, meaning pricing instability and availability are not likely to improve in the short term. Coupled with a potential toxicological classification of some lithium compounds by the EU, it’s a pivotal moment for lithium grease.

In many cases, calcium sulfonate complex grease achieves higher performance than its lithium complex counterpart. With the historical price gap between these thickener types closing, it’s an ideal time to step away from lithium dependency and upgrade to calcium sulfonate.

Click on the articles below to learn more about how calcium sulfonate grease can be a robust alternative in real-world applications currently dominated by lithium complex grease. Contact your Afton sales representative today to learn more about our patented Calcium Sulfonate Grease manufacturing process.