Novel Calcium Sulphonate Grease Exceeds in Unexpected Places

With vehicle electrification being prioritized by governments and OEMs worldwide, more and more lithium is needed to manufacture the huge numbers of batteries required from an industry that has limited capacity to supply. This has caused the price of lithium hydroxide to skyrocket with the forecast for the next 5 years showing little sign that supply will ever catch up with demand. With around 90% of the heavy duty wheel bearing market currently using lithium complex grease, what could be the alternative?
An innovative new manufacturing method delivers a lower soap calcium sulphonate grease that outperforms lithium complex grease, protecting production machinery for extended periods in extreme environments. With lithium demand and cost to keep rising, Afton Chemical has been exploring further application areas for this new grease. Read the article below, which explores how field trials have shown strong performance in truck wheel bearings, where conventional calcium sulphonate grease is not always suitable.


Featured in the April 2022 edition of Lube Magazine.


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