Introducing the New Slideway Microbotz® Guide

We are excited to launch our new book, giving you a comprehensive guide to all things Slideway. This is the next publication in our limited-edition box set of Microbotz® Guides to Industrial Lubricants.
Afton Chemical has become a global leader in Slideway lubricant technology - the medium used to move heavy equipment and slide precise machine tools. We’ve mastered the challenges of frictional properties to minimize resistance and shuddering, and we’ve learnt how to deal with contamination from water-based coolants. What’s more, our Darmstadt rig – the only one in the world – allows us to simulate real life conditions to keep us at the forefront of friction technology testing.
This guide is designed to help you navigate through the complex world of Slideway end-use applications, lubrication needs, key OEMs, significant tests and specifications as well as explaining the Afton industrial Slideway product range. It is designed for our oil company and OEM partners, our distributors, and our internal staff.

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