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Afton Chemical is on the frontline of lubricant technology—delivering combinations of additives and polymers that are precisely tailored to meet specific design and performance needs of lubricant marketers. Our formulations have been extensively tested in bench, rig and field demonstrations specific to certain applications. To facilitate innovation, we have made many of the polymers used today available to the industry at large in the following ways:

Engine lubrication

Combustion engine designs continue to undergo rapid evolution to capture every ounce of efficiency while at the same time decreasing emissions.   Viscosity targets, base oils and additive chemistries alike have changed to facilitate the maximum benefits from these new engine designs without compromising engine performance.  The complexity of multi-grade product proliferation and today’s low viscosity lubricants can be managed with Afton’s olefin copolymer portfolio.  This portfolio is aimed to maximize blending efficiency and is available in both solid rubber and liquid forms.  Meeting the needs of today’s engines is facilitated by Afton’s polymer portfolio.


Fluid power for hydraulic and transmission applications

Poly (alkyl methacrylate) chemistry has delivered optimum performance in various stationary and mobile applications. In some cases, this chemistry is finely tuned to bring other properties such as water separation characteristics or even enhanced oxidation resistance properties. Incorporating these polymers into modern lubricant formulations has enabled substantial increases in efficiency across multiple applications. If industrial and driveline lubricant efficiency advances were measured in terms of market share, these types of solutions would be today’s leaders.

Film strength and low-temperature characteristics for axle and high-loaded systems

Shorter chained polymers have been utilized in order to maximize efficiency and fuel economy over the widest range of conditions. They are made from a variety of core chemistry depending on base oil selection, desired viscometric properties and application factors. Afton’s Customer Technical Service team can gladly assist programs to optimize formulations with these types of heavily loaded challenges.


Whether you’re looking for low-temperature performance, excellent film strength, superior shear stability, yellow metal compatibility or improved thermal stability, you can meet the unique needs of each application with Afton’s full breadth of tailored viscosity modifiers.

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