New Research Reveals Why Fuel Quality Matters

A recent independent study from the American Automobile Association (AAA) has shown that significant differences in the quality of gasoline sold in the United States have a notable impact on engine performance.

The AAA study found that non-TOP TIER™ gasoline caused 19 times more engine deposits than TOP TIER™ brands after only 4,000 miles of simulated use. These carbon engine deposits (fig. 1) are a destructive force within engines that can reduce fuel economy, increase emissions, and decrease engine life. 

Figure 1: Without the right detergent balance, gasoline can leave behind harmful carbon engine deposits. Image courtesy of AAA.

In contrast, TOP TIER fuels contain higher levels of detergent in order to mitigate combustion by-products, maintain optimal performance of the engine, and reduce emissions.

To protect vehicle engines, AAA recommends that users select a gasoline that meets TOP TIER™ standards. And since TOP TIER™ fuel marketers use TOP TIER™ for all octane grades of gasoline sold at their stations, any grade of gasoline will meet the TOP TIER™ certification.

Read the full AAA report here.

The Afton Approach

The results of the AAA study support Afton Chemical’s long-held commitment to high-quality products that deliver benefits for automobiles, the environment, and communities. Afton has consistently advocated for detergency requirements that help achieve the best possible engine performance.

Afton is the leading supplier of performance fuel additive solutions for gasoline and remains on the forefront of additive technology development. We develop technology that improves efficiency, reduces engine deposits, and protects engines and fuel systems. To learn more about Afton’s fuel additive offerings, contact an Afton representative.

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