Gasoline Performance Additives in Light Duty Vehicles

Afton gasoline performance additives can help improve fuel economy, power and acceleration, and reduce emissions to meet regulatory and marketing needs.

Gasoline fuels a majority of the passenger cars in the world and Afton Chemical's patented Mannich detergent chemistry is the backbone of our gasoline performance additives.  We deliver fully scalable solutions that are designed to meet and exceed regulatory requirements established for emissions and environmental quality.  Governmental regulations and industry standards establish minimum levels of cleanliness performance, to which we add solutions that deliver a full range of performance benefits, tailored to meet the needs of regional fuels and engine platforms. 

With the increasing deployment of gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine technology, modern additive chemistry must mitigate deposit formation in port fuel-injected (PFI) and GDI engines and enable consumer relevant benefits.  Afton’s additive chemistries provide market-leading performance to improve efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions and increase driver satisfaction.  

As we embark into an era where new gasoline direct injection (GDI) industry tests will increase the importance that additives play in making gasoline fuel cleaner and engines more efficient, your Afton GD1 Headquarters is where you can understand more about GDI and how Afton can help.

Afton solutions are designed to deliver the best driving experience while protecting the vehicle and the environment, and deliver market growth opportunities for your organization.