October 2018 – Special Safety Data Sheet Announcement

As part of Afton’s commitment to offering our customers the most value in a competitive marketplace, we have recently upgraded our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) generation system.

This upgrade includes a full review of the current available Toxicological and Ecotoxicological data, along with significant improvements to the content and format of most of the sections of Afton’s SDS.   As a result of the review process, a number of the component substances in Afton’s products may have changed hazard classification. Additionally, the concentration of the substances in Section 3 will utilize a new system providing more precise ranges of greater regulatory relevance. 

Although Section 3 of the SDS looks very different, it is important to understand that these SDS do not indicate the product has changed in composition.

There are also additional changes in the information cited or format used, especially in Sections 5, 8, 11, 12 and 15. These changes are intended to improve transparency while maintaining rigorous attention to the regulatory climate.

Over the coming months when you order Afton products, you will begin receiving these newly formatted Safety Data Sheets (SDS). As always Afton is committed to providing the most up to date information for use in your business.

If you have any questions about a specific SDS or would like more information regarding these changes, please contact Afton using the following email: [email protected].