OTR® 8932G

Multifunctional Diesel Fuel Additive
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Cleans injector deposits, both traditional “coking” deposits, and sticky internal injector deposits
  • Provides DW-10 detergency
  • Helps reduce fuel system corrosion
  • Helps prevent fuel line freeze-ups
  • Provides a 1-2 number cetane boost for improved engine combustion / performance
  • Lowers CFPP to improve winter operability


OTR®8932G is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive formulated to provide improved performance and winter operability in today’s modern diesel engines. It is safe for use in heavy-duty diesel powered equipment for onroad, off-road, and marine use.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 60°C
Shelf Life: 36 months @ ambient temperature

Recommended Dosage