HiTEC® 1275

当前区域可用情况 Asia Pacific

Key Performance Benefits

  • Advanced technology for API, CF-4, CF, CD and SF performance
  • API CF-4 test data in current engine tests
  • Provides minimum of 11 TBN as required in many different regions
  • CES 20075 approval in Group I base oils


HiTEC® 1275 is a detergent/inhibitor designed for use in formulating cost effective lubricants meeting the performance requirements of API, CF-4, CF/CD/SF/Mack T-7 in both Group I and Group II base oils.

Recommended Dosage

HiTEC® 1275 detergent/inhibitor is generally used at 9.2% wt. for 11 TBN monograde oils and for multigrade oils when using non-dispersant VI improvers. Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specific recommendations.

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: (<24 hrs.) 70°C

Shelf Life: 3 months @ 50°C
24 months @ ambient (10-40°C)

Typical Characteristics