HiTEC® 8755B

HDDO Additive Package
Aktuelle Verfügbarkeit der Region Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East, Africa, India (EMEAI)
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Covers a comprehensive performance profile in a wide range of Group I base oil sources including ExxonMobil, Orlen, Total, Lukoil, Repsol(1)
  • Suitable for both on and off road applications
  • Data set in main HDDO viscosity grade and the most severe SAE 10W-40(2)
  • Meets the latest European OEM requirements (ACEA 2008/2010)
  • Incorporates HiDOG™ technology for optimum soot handling and wear control
  • Delivers formulation and logistic cost saving through Viscosity Index Improver (VII) credit


HiTEC® 8755B additive is part of the HiTEC® 87XXB additive family, which provides efficient additive solutions for core API, ACEA and OEMs heavy-duty diesel requirements.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 70 °C
Shelf Life: 12 months at ambient temperature 

Recommended Dosage