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Customized additives for a variety of industrial applications

Afton Chemical is a leading supplier of industrial lubricant additives and packages. The Afton Industrial portfolio covers a broad range of technology solutions developed for Wind Turbine, Industrial Gear, Turbine, Hydraulic, Grease, and Slideway applications.

Our global coverage allows us to maintain close contact with our customers, OEM partners and industry groups. This gives us a heightened awareness and understanding of global issues within the industry and helps us to stay ahead of the game in anticipating future market needs. 

By collaborating with our customers and applying our skills and experience together, we are able to revolutionize conventional thinking, allowing us to produce innovative industrial additives that help our customers meet their profitability objectives.

Our leading-edge technology, and alternative solutions, help our customers stay at the forefront of their industry sectors.

Afton Chemical has created a family of six friendly and heroic micro-robot characters, known as the Microbotz®; to represent each of the six application groups within the Industrial product portfolio.

The Microbotz® are microscopic self-propelled autonomous robots, who operate in a world deep within the lubricant as it pumps through the veins of Industrial machinery. Their role is to patrol the lubricants, deep inside the chemistry, protecting each application from a variety of potential harms such as oxidation, sludge, corrosion or pitting. They tirelessly work to do whatever is necessary to prolong the life of the oil and improve the performance of the machinery.

The Microbotz® are a visual and symbolic representation of what Afton’s Industrial additives are doing day in and day out, within the lubricants of Industrial equipment worldwide as they protect and enhance performance.

Microbotz® Guides


Afton Industrial is in the process of developing a  limited-edition box set of Microbotz® Guides to Industrial Lubricants: one for each of the six major Industrial lubricant categories. Each Guide is designed to help navigate through the complex world of Industrial  end-use applications, lubrication needs, key OEMs, significant tests and specifications as well as explain the Afton industrial Product range.


To receive a set of the current Guides published so far in the series, as well as future publications and updates, please click here.



Industrial Lubricant Additives Product Data Sheets

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