Связующие присадки
Используются в смазочных материалах на водной основе для стабилизации концентратов и эмульсий
Детергенты и ингибиторы коррозии
Поддерживают чистоту металлических поверхностей и предотвращают коррозию
Дисперсанты и эмульгаторы
Предотвращают образование осадка, нагара и прочих отложений в критических местах
Противозадирные и противоизносные агенты
Защита соприкасающихся поверхностей против задиров и истирания
Антипенные присадки
Улучшение смазывающей способности и сокращение необходимости в техническом обслуживании
Модификаторы трения
Предотвращают возникновение задиров и точечное выкрашивание, снижают износ и шум
Pour Point Depressants
Allow mineral oils to efficiently function at low temperatures
Seal Swell Additives
Maintain the integrity of certain elastomeric materials
Tackiness Additives
Increase the adhesive properties of a lubricant
Thickeners & Viscosity Index Improvers
Reduce the degree of change in lubricant viscosity
Logistics & Supply

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Afton Chemical's Supply Organization uses industry leading techniques to continuously improve all aspects of our supply network. We believe that supply chain efficiency and continuous service improvements are tangible and provide valuable benefits to our customers and service providers. A Passion for Solutions® is much more than an Afton Marketing slogan. It is an attitude and passion which is a part of every one of our employees.

Customer Service and Order Management

Afton’s Customer Service Centers are located around the world available to assist and support customers to place orders as well as assisting customers questions or needs.

Customized Supply Solution Systems

Afton is a customer focused organization that welcomes the opportunity to share knowledge and strategies with our customers and developed customized supply solutions that help them meet their business objectives. 

Some examples of our custom designed programs include: 

  • Hub and Spoke networks 
  • Afton X-Change Inventory Management Systems
  • Regional government registration, including C-TPAT 
  • 24 hour Emergency Customer Service
  • Web-based and network automated order entry and customer invoicing 

Supply Services

At Afton Chemical we believe that supply chain efficiency and continuous service improvements are tangible and provide valuable benefits to our customers. Our Supply Services Brochures define our standard service offer included in our sales price and available from all of our shipping facilities, as well as a range of additional services which enables you to tailor supply arrangements to meet your specific needs.

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