Re-evaluating Hybrid Fluid Chemistries

As shifting Chinese legislation rekindles the focus on hybrid solutions, investment in
dedicated hybrid transmissions (DHTs) is increasing again. Alongside legislated
emissions reduction, consumers are demanding good fuel economy from their hybrid
vehicles and this has added impetus to DHT development. Designing a DHT from the
ground up is a perfect opportunity for OEMs to revisit first principles and optimize the
entire system, which includes more than just hardware. DHTs require specialist
transmission fluids for optimum performance and maintaining the right balance, a
hybrid fluid formulation needs to focus even more closely on the types of additives
being used.

Afton is spearheading a fresh approach to formulation: rooted in tradition yet shooting
firmly for the future. With the expertise to balance wear protection and friction
characteristics within an electrified environment, Afton can help to unlock the full
potential of next generation DHT designs. All ensuring that the fluids have the
sufficient performance reserve to remain relevant as the industry races onwards.

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