HiTEC® 410

ATF Additive Package

Key Performance Benefits

HiTEC® 410 provides customer benefits in terms of:


  • Good friction durability performance
  • Good oxidative stability leading to longer fluid life and improved wear protection
  • Excellent corrosion protection

Fluids formulated with HiTEC® 410 can also be used in hydraulic and power steering systems.

HiTEC® 410 additive is also available with the addition of red dye as HiTEC® 410R additive.


HiTEC® 410 additive package is the most field-proven in Afton’s ATF range, with over 25 years of use in the field without problems.


Recommended Dosage

The recommended treat rate for HiTEC® 410 additive is 10.2% wt. in good quality base stocks for conventional Automatic Transmission Fluid applications. It can also be used at a reduced treat-rate of 5.1% wt. for lower performance level applications satisfied by Type A Suffix A (TASA) fluids. Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specific recommendations. 

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 65°C
Shelf Life: 24 months at 45-50°C

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