Renewable Diesel in Combustion Engines

Renewable diesel is a biofuel that is being used more and more in the diesel fuel market. It has a similar composition to petroleum diesel, making it suitable for use in diesel engines. Depending on the source, renewable diesel blend properties can vary and may require lubricity additives, cold flow improvers, pour point depressants, corrosion inhibitors and other additives to improve overall fuel characteristics.

Extensive compatibility and performance testing has been conducted with Afton’s diesel additive technologies in renewable diesel blends. In testing to date, deposit control additive technologies have been shown to improve the overall performance of the fuel, providing protection in critical areas such as filter blocking and the prevention of injector deposit build-up.

Afton Chemical is committed to providing our customers with leading technologies to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and extend the life of engines and equipment in all market fuels.

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