Greenclean™ 3 - Keeping Your Trucks Working in a Demanding World

With more stringent emission regulations coming to North America, combined with today’s sophisticated diesel engines and challenging operational environment, maximizing the performance and optimizing the operation of truck fleets becomes essential to an economic outlook.

As diesel engines become more sophisticated, they have become more susceptible to fuel system deposits. High pressure common rail (HPCR) systems can be affected by both internal and external deposits. Maintaining cleanliness and combustion efficiency are challenges which can be addressed by diesel fuel additives, particularly deposit control additives that aid in preventing the formation of carbonaceous and lacquer type deposits on or inside the injector. Proper additive chemistries can also serve to reduce the occurrence of fuel filter plugging issues, among other benefits.

Afton has decades of experience in developing outstanding performance fuel additives which provide solutions to real world issues. Using laboratory testing, industry-defined engine testing, and vehicle testing to optimize additive performance, Afton’s GreencleanTM 3 additive is the latest in the high performing GreencleanTM line of diesel fuel additives.

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GreencleanTM and GreencleanTM 3 are trademarks owned by Afton Chemical Corporation.


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