Tried and tested: How the right questions can unlock gear oil performance

Developing the next generation of gearbox lubricants demands a fresh look at how gear oil is evaluated. External testing tells only half the story – whether a lubricant has passed or failed. But what we really want (and need) to know is: Why? And how can we improve on that?
Additive companies with in-house and bespoke test rigs are uniquely positioned to bring together expert insights from OEMs, parts suppliers and formulators and improve understanding of how oil, additives and hardware interact. Afton Chemical argues that collaboration offers the most flexible and direct route to reliable next generation gear oils, even for the most severe applications. Winning the reliability battle is as much about looking ahead to future requirements as meeting current needs. Close collaboration between gearbox OEMs, parts suppliers and oil companies is vital to understand those changing needs and quickly build new test capability as required. This enables finished lubricants to be developed with greater speed and confidence.
Whether top tier synthetics with outstanding longevity or mineral fluids with excellent dynamic seals performance, a tried and tested collaborative development approach is crucial if next generation fluids are to get the market’s seal of approval. Read the article below to understand why.


Featured in the October 2021 edition of Lube Magazine.


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