Afton presenting at 2024 Responsible Care® and Sustainability Conference

Afton Chemical is gearing up to participate in the 2024 Responsible Care® and Sustainability Conference, which will be held from May 6th to 9th in Miami, Florida. As a leading safety and sustainability conference in the chemical industry, this event provides professionals with valuable tools, resources, and insights to enhance their organizations' operational and environmental performance.



Benn Heatley, Afton's Global ESG Leader, will be part of a panel discussion titled "Industry’s Role in Climate Solutions for a Lower Emissions Future" on May 7th at 2 p.m. During this session, experts will explore how chemical industry products and innovations can contribute to the energy transition and a more sustainable future. The chemical industry has a pivotal role in advancing renewable energy adoption, reducing carbon emissions, and fostering strategic partnerships.

Benn will join panelists from Viridis Chemical Company and Celanese to discuss several critical topics, including:
  • Data Accessibility: How ACC members are promoting data accessibility across the value chain.
  • Bio-Based Materials: Efforts to increase the manufacture and use of bio-based materials.
  • Carbon Reduction Technologies: Strategies for ramping up carbon reduction technologies.

Afton's commitment to sustainability will be highlighted through examples of leveraging Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) tools. These tools enable Afton to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both within its operations and across the supply chain.

The Responsible Care & Sustainability Conference not only offers educational insights but also serves as a platform for networking among ACC members, supply chain partners, and other stakeholders. It underscores the industry's dedication to environmental, health, safety, and security performance through the Responsible Care program.

For more information or to register to attend, visit 2024 Responsible Care® and Sustainability Conference and Expo.

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