HiTEC® 4546

Refinery and Distribution Fuel Additive
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Increases conductivity performance in treated fuels
  • More cost effective compliance with ultra-low sulphur fuel specifications
  • Increases the rate of static discharge dissipation


HiTEC® 4546 Refinery & Distribution Fuel Additive is a highly effective solution for improving the conductivity of ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) and gasoline (ULSG). Sulphur levels in fuel have been reduced globally to improve vehicle emissions and enable advanced exhaust treatment systems.

Reduced sulphur levels are achieved using hydrodesulphurisation processes in the refinery which also have the effect of lowering the conductivity characteristics of the finished fuel. This is due to the removal of naturally occurring polar species by this commonly used refinery process.

Particular caution should be exercised when transporting ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel using switch loading operations. These operations can lead to safety concerns due to the ability of low sulphur diesel fuel to discharge static electricity and the potentially flammable vapour phase which may be present.

In a number of countries, minimum conductivity levels for ultra-low sulphur diesel have been agreed to minimise the risk of explosion from static discharge. 

This target is achieved through the use of conductivity improvers such as HiTEC® 4546.

Recommended Dosage

The treat-rate of HiTEC® 4546 will depend on the severity of the fuel. Typical treat rates are between 1-5 ppmv. Please contact your local Afton Chemical Representative for specific treat rate recommendations.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

HiTEC® 4546 can be stored and injected at normal ambient temperatures

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