HiTEC® 11500

Passenger Car Engine Oil Additive Package
Current region availability Asia Pacific
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Fuel Economy: Meets and exceeds fuel economy requirements for MB 229.51, MB 229.71 and ACEA C5-2021
  • Excellent Engine Durability: HiTEC® 11500 delivers outstanding reserve performance in wear protection and sludge control, exceeding the MB 229.71QL limits
  • Excellent Engine Protection: Minimises the potential LSPI events, offering 60% performance reserves for both MB 229.51, MB 229.71 and API SP


HiTEC® 11500 is a Reduced SAPS additive package with a dedicated Daimler specification profile. Afton technology meets and exceeds MB 229.71QL, the latest specification released by Daimler, making it suitable for Daimler Genuine Oil as well as other final oils targeting the In-Warranty OEM Franchised Workshop passenger car market. Its profile also includes specifications with the highest share in the Daimler vehicle population in the next five years, making it an attractive solution for the Out-of-Warranty passenger car market. This technology also meets API SP. HiTEC® 11500 additive demonstrates excellent performance to support marketing claims (key performance benefits).

HiTEC® 11500 also provides a highly cost-competitive advantage. Afton leveraged its technical expertise using OCP viscosity modifiers to design an additive that meets MBQL quality specification requirements with minimal PAO content.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Maximum Handling Temp: 70°C (less than 5 days)
Shelf Life @ ambient Temp (10-40°C): 24 months

Recommended Dosage

Please contact your local Afton Chemical representative for treat-rate information.