HiTEC® 6305

Star Viscosity Modifier
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Key Performance Benefits

  • Extremely shear stable technology to minimize viscosity drop and power losses throughout the drain interval
  • Minimum volatility losses, reducing the need for group III or group IV base stocks trim and overall formulation cost
  • Superior thickening power at an optimized treat-rate for better deposit control
  • Excellent oxidation stability addressing the latest Industry and OEM requirements
  • Enables the formulation of low viscosity grade, low HTHS engine oils, which can deliver fuel economy benefits compared to higher viscosity grades engine oils


HiTEC® 6305 liquid viscosity modifier is recommended for use in demanding PCMO and HDEO applications where enhanced engine performance, protection and durability over an extended drain interval is required whilst also supporting fuel economy.

It delivers better cleanliness and oil consumption benefits compared to conventional viscosity modifiers and enables modern cars, commercial vehicles and equipment to run longer under more severe conditions.

Typical Characteristics


Handling Information

Max Short Term Handling Temp: 120°C
Shelf Life: 36 months at ambient temperature

Recommended Dosage

HiTEC® 6305 is typically used to manufacture stay-in-grade multigrade engine oils as measured in KO Shear test. Typical dosage for the most common viscosity grades of premium engine oils are given below:

Please contact your Afton Chemical representative for specific recommendations.