HiTEC® 22300

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Key Performance Benefits

  • Logistic Simplicity at blend plants with single core additive delivering multiple applications.
  • Optimized API SL solution with coverage on key licensable viscosity grades.
  • Compatible for use in selected Group I, II and III base oils.
  • Robust frictional characteristics associated with JASO MA2 (T 903:2023) requirements.
  • Capable of delivering low friction JASO MB (T 903: 2023) requirements with the addition of HiTEC® 4716 booster.
  • Formulations are developed with Afton’s versatile 25 SSI OCP VM.


HiTEC® 22300 is a new Multifunctional Cascade Solution covering Mainstream Motorcycle oils and Entry Tier Passenger Car and Heavy-Duty Engine Oils.

HiTEC® 22300 delivers competitive treat-rates with a simple cascade covering API SL to API SG and CF-4 with licensable claims for API SL and SJ.

These HiTEC® 22300 formulations will comply with latest JASO MA2 (T 903:2023) requirements.

Typical Characteristics

Handling Information

Max Handling Temp: 70˚C
Shelf Life: 24 months at ambient temperature